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     Women's Empowerment


TITLE IX / PIN-IT-USA Women's Empowerment has its roots in a rich Trinbagonian culture. This movement was started amongst great pioneers with a vision and goal to see women elevated and respected in all aspects of life.

With this goal in mind; we have set out to achieve reaching a large section of women and young girls with the aim of building resilience and providing hope, security and equality.


The main objective is to reach the target population of school children through sports, music and academic achievement, to foster good relationships with them, their parents and their schools. Working with these girls/young women to take them to international standards and levels through scholarship programs. 

For many, attaining a scholarship might be far out or just a dream without having the right connections and influential parents. Our program offers each child the opportunity to earn their spot by excelling in both sport and academics by TITLE IX PIN-IT-USA’s affiliation to international schools who are already willing to work with and invest in our women.​


The schools that we align ourselves with internationally already have women empowerment at the very heart of everything they do.

Our core goal is to make opportunity available to everyone is deserving of a chance and seek to touch those most vulnerable in society. Women are the nurturers of the family and society at large, once they know their worth it’s believed that our culture and many aspects of society will benefit tremendously as a result. We keep women to the front for they are the pillars of a strong and balanced society.



Actively seek disciplined prospective participants with a desire to succeed and elevate their family. Work with individuals to expand on their educational goals, engage in business activity, mentor other young girls and women to change future generations. 

Who can benefit?

This initiative is for those girls/women who are vulnerable and desire to become more than society expects of them. It’s not our desire that anyone should be left

behind, however we know that those without resources but have skill generally live defeated lives with their full potential going to waste.

Who are the people Involved?

People who believe that women are just as much deserving as males in our society to have a proper seat at the table.  

What’s the cost?

Everything has a cost. It will cost hard work, dedication, time and true commitment to make it into the program. Some people are already blessed with skills and talent, however because of this they think they don’t need an academic foundation which in itself is misleading. We seek to make a positive impact on all in our reach, no exceptions. 

Long term goals 

To see women elevated to a new level of self-confidence and self-respect and empowered to fulfil their life’s goals and ambitions regardless of their walk-in life. It is believed that a woman who understands her worth will be better positioned to make the best decisions that she can, not just for herself but the family, community and she’ll have a massive positive impact wherever she may go. 


Long term objectives

Education, resilience, accountability, self-sufficiency, confidence, productivity, empowerment.


What’s next?

Taking women to the next level of greatness in collaboration with visionaries and partners.  Changing the way we see each other, speak to each other and treat each other. Helping to elevate and never segregate against other women. We are the next generation of inspiration! 

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