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About us

PIN IT USA is changing the game in the lost property industry.


As disruptors, we provide a comprehensive set of solutions that are designed to make the process of being reunited with your lost property easy, efficient and hassle-free. Our family-like culture ensures that every customer, employee, and partner is treated with the utmost care and respect. As a family, we stand by our word and vow to do everything in our power to locate and return your lost property to you via the power of human kindness.

Mountain Ridge

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:

"To give peace of mind to people on the go by activating the power of Human Kindness across the World" Sheldon Scipio PIN-IT Founder and CEO

To our staff: We promise to help, value and listen to you: you are our today, our tomorrow and our reason for being here. Simply put we are nothing without you.

To our partners: We promise to always be committed, truthful and open. We will work hard, we will promote you and our relationship and we will always try to be fun too. Work needs to be fun because we are nothing without a little bit of laughter.

To our customers: We promise to innovate, to help you and to provide you with the best solutions and service because you are the best.


Innovation is crucial to our development as a company, and let's face it to our development as a species.


Like some species of sharks if we stop moving we die.

We choose to not only keep swimming but to find new and better ways to swim!


We will always be transparent to everyone around us.


Communication is crucial to all relationships whether they be personal or business. We will always communicate regularly and with transparency and passion.


Whilst love may not appear on many companies pages it sits proudly on ours. We love life, we love what we do and who we choose to do it with.

In short it means that we put people at the centre of every thing we do.

Core Values

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