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We are always looking for good people!

Think you have that little something special and want to become a beloved, supported and valued member of our family?

On the right are just some of the reasons why we might be the place for you to grow.


Firstly. Your background doesn't matter to us. Education gives you a certificate at the end of it. Now don't get us wrong, that may be your thing and your chosen path. If you just sat through a decade of learning to get a degree then go you!!! Seriously ..... go you. We are proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too that's a huge achievement.


You don't need that to succeed with us. To succeed and get on with us you'll need passion, you'll need a big heart because you're joining a family. You'll need a sense of humour because laughter plays a part in life and gets us through the day. It releases pressure and stress so that's huge!!! 

You'll need to be able to learn and be prepared to go big.......we'll trust you and if you drop the ball then we'll help you pick it up again and prepare you for the next game. With us there's only support and no judgement .......... ever!


Work Hours

We don't care about this. We are all grown up's and we've all got things to do, things to achieve and places to be. Families take time, wellness and working out takes time. If your job gets done and gets done well and you're proud then that's what counts. If you end up working 12 hours per day 6 days a week then expect to be told off because that's not sustainable and you're likely neglecting family, your mental and physical health too and that's not good enough. That's just about the only time we'll start to question your work ethic......too much is not good for you or us. If you break then we have one less link in the business and we become weaker as a whole.


Work Days and Holidays

Guess what. We don't care about this either! Again if the work gets done, your job or project is done, take a day off, take 10 or 50 off just let us know.

Again you'll get in trouble if you aren't taking vacations / annual leave so we'll check that you are and we'll check that you are rested, we'll enquire about your health both physically and just as if not more importantly your mental health. We are open about this.......everyone struggles, everyone hits a bump in the road and we all check on each other and help each other through bad moments.


Your future......

This entire business started from a small seed planted during a phone call from Oxford, England to Port of Spain, Trinidad quite a few years ago now.

It started with "hey buddy, I found something interesting" and as always it ended with "love you brother" and "love you too bro" from something small something huge can grow, all it takes is the right support, faith, time and some love helps too.

Now, maybe you have an idea, a small seed a the back of your mind to grow something, be something, buy something or solve a challenge. We will listen, we will help and we'll help you to grow and build a future for you and your family.

Here's what we'll ask on every such pitch..... How does it help people be better and / or healthier and how does it help the planet?

As a group we are driven by solving issues, giving back, equality and empowerment. We believe in openness, honesty and above all things the power of human kindness. 

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